Media and Podcast Inquiries

Gain practical insight from a consulting expert who has spent her life with the mentality of how to ‘Constantly Improve Your Position,’ while overcoming Type A perfectionism and personal obstacles. Listen to The Consultant’s Counsel Podcast on Spotify and Apple.

For media inquiries or if you’re interested in being a guest of the The Consultant’s Counsel Podcast, please contact us.

Vision Pros Podcast

Tune in to learn Kelsey’s vision to balancing work and the ventures she operates.

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Reinvest Promo Video

As a Reinvest investor, Kelsey Creveling is featured promoting an innovative platform developed for investors to access a diverse and promising selection of startups within the private VC market.


Guest Appearance on Consulting Humor

In the below video, Kelsey shares her consulting experiences, advice, and recommendations via Instagram live Q&A for ConsultingHumor.

The Power of Storytelling Podcast From the SLĀ Foundation

As a guest speaker in an episode of SLĀ Foundation, hosted by Shane Adams, Kelsey opens up about her life, career, and life-lessons she’s learned along the way.

Appearance on Park City TV

Kelsey discusses the unique challenges and suggests some approaches to dressing professionally even when all business is conducted via Zoom calls.

Tent Talk on Endurance

In the below video, Kelsey discusses in depth a topic that is so important during these challenging times: endurance.

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