High-Performance Team Development:

Supporting the creation of a new data
& analytics team at the largest U.S. public healthcare system during a global pandemic

“KelsC. Consulting has helped us refine our strategy, introduce tactical approaches to optimize our operational model and helped transform staff into a high performing team. KelsC. Consulting has added value beyond the scope of the engagement.”

Alex Izaguirre, Chief Data Officer

KelsC. Consulting served as the executive consulting advisor to NYC Health & Hospitals’ Chief Data Officer, Alex Izaguirre, over the past two and a half years as he worked to develop a new Data and Analytics team.

This included supporting him and his leadership team in implementing new systems and processes, optimizing team roles and responsibilities, and handling vital management functions, at a time that unexpectedly coincided with the global pandemic.

Client Feature: NYC Health + Hospitals​

NYC Health & Hospitals is the largest public healthcare system in the U.S. When the organization appointed a new Chief Data Officer (CDO) in 2019, its leaders relied on his expertise to carry out the complicated mission of centralizing the organization’s data and analytics (DNA) strategy, technologies, and delivery. 

Given a track record of prior engagement and success, KelsC. Consulting was entrusted to support the CDO’s vision, and work with him and his team throughout the transition and the implementation of new processes.

“Kelsey is wonderful at taking a department and laying out the clear roles and responsibilities of the team members in each domain.  She helped me tremendously in that area. As a leader she helped me step back from some of the day to day work I was doing and delegate more properly. I learned how to evaluate employee performance more effectively. I empowered my leads to take on a bigger role on her feedback.”

David Mancher
Senior Director, Corporate Reporting Core

“Kelsey worked with me in a couple of capacities. She partnered with me in leading an interim team, the Enterprise Information Management team and worked with me to evaluate the resources and resource needs. She advised me on project management, process planning and implementation needs for this team. Another role Kelsey played was to coach me in leadership and personal growth areas.”

Albana Theka
Senior Director, Financial Sustainably Core

“Kelsey has provided her expertise to me and to our team in many different facets. When it came to interviewing, I really liked her approach and how she spoke through some scenarios. She asked screening questions that showed candidates that were important to our team and our leaders. Kelsey has a different viewpoint when it comes to inverviews and it has been really beneficial to our team to have her input and her unique line of questioning as part of our interview process. 

A unique opportunity arose when our enterprise information management lead left the company, leaving Kelsey, myself, and another colleague to fill the role in the interim. For approximately one year, we led the team, handling daily tasks and bringing different levels of technical knowledge to the role. Kelsey helped us work through this transition, providing a unique approach to team communication, team meeting structure, and organization that offered continuity and made her a great asset. Her expertise and perspective helped our team and individual leaders grow.”

Angelie Oberoi 
Senior Director, Clinical Excellence Core

Supporting High Performance During a Global Pandemic

The challenges hospitals faced during the pandemic were unprecedented. For NYC Health & Hospitals’ CDO, supporting the reporting needs of his organization during this time – combined with the ambitious goal of building a new service delivery platform, reorganizing his team, and selecting and implementing a new data warehouse – created a unique situation that most would be unable to successfully navigate. Fortunately, the CDO is a visionary leader, and his expertise, combined with KelsC. Consulting’s pragmatic and empathetic strategic approach forged a path forward. 

Over the ~2.5 year engagement, KelsC. Consulting was asked to support a multitude of areas, initially focused on integrating the Epic reporting team into the larger DnA organization, including:

  • Management coaching
  • Team structure review
  • Process optimization as the team was focused on the goal of creating 300 reports and dashboards in 300 days

As the relationship between KelsC. Consulting and the DNA team progressed and the pandemic waged on, engagement support requests were expanded to the rest of the DnA organization, including:


Interim co-oversight of the department’s EIM team

Leadership team member coaching and high-performance workshop facilitation

Optimization of the department’s Tableau Report Writing, Enterprise Information Management and Tier1 Support teams

Team organization structuring and new leadership hire recruiting evaluations

Initial program creation of the department’s facility based extended support model

Year-end progress report creation

A Successful Transition

Key Accomplishments

Under the guidance of NYC Health and Hospitals’ new CDO and with the support of so many of the DnA leaders, along with KelsC. Consulting’s assistance, the organization’s DNA team successfully navigated major transitions in service delivery, technology infrastructure, and team reorganization.

As a result, the organization’s data and analytics foundation, has been forever fortified, and the data access, data integrity, and data literacy of the entire organization has been transformationally improved.

Key Accomplishments


Secured team cohesion and effectiveness amidst leadership transitions


Achieved goal of creating 300 organizational dashboards in 300 days 


Initiated creation of DnA Champions Program: A comprehensive program that fosters organizational knowledge and support

“Serving the city of New York during such a critical time in history has been my sincere privilege, and I am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to support and collaborate with such compassionate and dedicated leaders who are determined to give their best. Health + Hospitals is a special organization that embodies the spirit of the city; being a part of its Data & Analytics team – its DnA – was profound.”

Kelsey Creveling
Founder and CEO, KelsC. Consulting 

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