Motivating Teams to Strive for Limitless

Client Success Story: Tony Bongiorno, Area Sales Manager

“My team and I were preparing to stretch ourselves to our personal best and close the year strong. Kelsey conducted a workshop and was masterful at getting the team engaged with thought-provoking questions to self-reflect on the barriers standing in our way. Kelsey’s style and energy brought a renewed inspiration to the team to think limitless. ‘Our boundaries are set by our own beliefs and our actions lead to the positive outcomes that drive success’. Kelsey’s insight and experience into what goes into building a high-performance team is refreshing.”

The Challenge 

A regional team at a global leading research and advisory firm was preparing for a strong year-end despite the challenges of the pandemic, and its impact on their client base. To support that goal, they enlisted the support of KelsC. Consulting to provide some extra motivation through the facilitation of a workshop that would energize and inspire this team to meet its goals for the year. 

Encouraging the Limitless Mindset

Although the members of this team were driven to succeed, year-end fatigue and pandemic challenges stood in the way of meeting goals and overcoming roadblocks. Members of the team needed assistance tapping into the necessary mindset that would enable the success they desired. 

After participating in the KelsC. Consulting Workshop for High Performing Teams, through a joint client, Tony Bongiorno sought to bring the workshop to his team as a part of their Q3/4 planning and goal review discussions. With years of consulting expertise and a thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed while navigating challenging client interactions and business development efforts, Kelsey Creveling, founder of KelsC. Consulting tailored exercises and questions to provoke thought, collaboration and strength in the members.

80% of team members surpassed their year-end goals, with 50% qualifying for additional accolades. Management accredited the team’s success to KelsC. Consulting’s “What’s Possible” approach.

Participants were engaged through activities that encouraged self-reflection, helping them to better leverage their strengths. This in turn empowered them to overcome potential roadblocks to success that they might encounter as the year came to a close. These team members were encouraged to use what they learned to redevelop and improve their approaches to client interactions.

Achieving Desired Outcomes 

After successfully completing KelsC. Consulting’s workshop for high-performing teams, the participating team finished the remainder of the year with excitement, a renewed energy, and a new outlook on their works. More than 80% of this team over-achieved their year-end goals, and 50% of the team members qualified for additional year-end performance accolades. Management accredited the team’s success to KelsC. Consulting’s “What’s Possible” approach.

Reach Your Goals with KelsC. Consulting 

Looking to give your team the support and motivation they need to succeed? Contact KelsC. Consulting to see how a team workshop or consultation can support your team’s goals.

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